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Welcome to BakerFish, the leading consultancy that combines organisational psychology, behavioural science, and systems thinking to create future-ready organizations.

With a team of experienced consultants and a proven track record of success, we are dedicated to helping our clients thrive in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

At BakerFish, we believe that true leadership is about more than just managing people. It's about inspiring and empowering individuals to reach their full potential, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, and driving sustainable growth and success.

Unlock the Potential of Your Leaders

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Leadership Development
Beyond Basic Skills

Using 360 feedback we create a personal development program that lets you develop the skills to guide you people through change to become a high performing team.

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Change Management
Shifting Beliefs, Aligning Values

The world is constantly changing and any significant change in a business has to remain true to its core values and instill a belief that the new way is better than staying put.

High performing team
High Performing Teams
Diversity and Inclusion as standard

Well-managed diverse and inclusive teams outperform 'homogeneous' ones.  Diversity and inclusion come from making 'here' feel like the right place to work.

company culture
Organisational Culture & Climate
Making it feel great to work for you

Culture is "how we do things" and is important in the long run, and only works properly is we establish a great Climate ("how it feels to work here"). 

process improvement
Process Improvement
Doing more of the Right Thing

Doing the more of the right thing for all your customers, whether they are internal or external in a way that achieves results AND feels good.

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About BakerFish

BakerFish brand was formed on 02/02/2020 by Ed Fish and others to bring a fresh approach to leadership development and change projects that embraces the essential human element of the complex systems that are organisations and incorporate the interconnectedness of systems and how the affect each other. 

BakerFish initially focused on the infrastructure market leadership  programs.  We have expanding our offering to cover the entire project management field, as well returning to the roots of our core model to include health and safety, an essential part of business excellence.  

Why clients choose us?

BakerFish delivers lasting change that delivers results.
We measure our success by your success.
We work closely with you to understand your needs, challenges, and opportunities. We tailor our solutions to fit your context and culture. We involve you in every step of the process and ensure that you are fully satisfied with the outcomes.

Transformation Tools

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Your Unique Predispositions
Not Your Personality

Discover the unique you and learn what you are good at and what to make better

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Leadership Assessment
Your Behaviours

Find how others see you and and how to improve engagement.

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Team Climate Measure
Building Culture

Discover how people feel to work in your organisation and how to make it better.

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Business Mirrors
Reflect on your situation

Compress time with our experiential learning tools to reveal insights to the team


We've listed some of our core expertise above.  However, a key aspect of our work is how all the elements of your organisation are interconnected.  We might be engaged to improve your processes and end up working on leadership behaviour, organisational culture and climate to create high performing teams; all to deliver a radical transformation to your bottom line.  Our aim is to dissolve your problem, not resolve the symptoms.

Real, long lasting improvement doesn't happen after one whirlwind workshop.  We are with our clients until their vision becomes a reality.  

We treat your organisation as unique and we use a holistic approach that recognises that whatever symptoms you are experiencing are interrelated with every aspect of your business

Everyone.  From individuals to multinational organisations, charities to governments.  If you are trying to make something happen, we can help you do it better.

Our News, Blogs and other Social Media

Stay up to date with our news and latest research
Jumble of signs saying alternative
Alternative Thinking

This is our blog home page.  You will find our collection of thoughts and musings on leadership, systems thinking and occasionally something completely random.

A hot fire
Hot Topic

We rotate stories here, news, education or something to stimulate some thinking.  

The link takes you to a specific article on Medium.  The Medium blog is that of one of the founders Ed Fish, written for BakerFish.

The Tetrix
The Tetrix
Ed Fish                             various

The Tetrix is a model that gives an insight into the complex interconnection of everything in the universe.  BakerFish uses it as a lens to examine the complex social interactions with-in and with-out an organisation.

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