A woman's head with three faces

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People often talk about personality. Personality comes from the word "persona", which is the mask(s) we wear. Most personality tests tell us what we want other people to know or, often, don't seem to reflect who we are. The reason? In most cases predispositions are mixed with behaviours.

Predispositions are what we find easiest, what we like to do, our happy hunting ground. They are a near immutable part of who we are. It is a key part of "knowing yourself". Without understanding our predispositions we cannot understand ourselves.

Behaviours are what people see each other do. These we measure using different tools. Predispositions are the easy thinking process we prefer to use, or slip into when under pressure because they take the least effort. The make us more prone to different cognitive biases compared to others with different predispositions.

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