A sign showing the words Chaos and Order, with a line through Order

Change Management or Chaos?

There is a lot that is written about the fear of change.  Listen carefully and it is talk about the chaos and disorder that comes with change.  We are of the opinion that these fears are about uncertainty and people's predisposition to how problems should be solved.

A radical approach to change when your team is mentally attuned to steady incremental change is not going to end well. This predisposition to change, and relative levels of unpredictability, cannot be treated as a constant.  Adjusting people's beliefs about the what will happen during and after the change impacts how they will act.

Underpinning the way we help you is to understand your team's predispositions and tailor your program to the specific teams to create that sense of predictability. Communication is key, but you have to know where the fear is coming from.

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