Storm clouds with rays of sunshine coming through

The Climate has a more immediate impact than the Landscape

Culture and Climate

There is a lot of talk about Culture change within organisations; and there should be. Culture is the DNA of an organisation. Culture is the standards and values that are transmitted through the parts of the organisation that create the collective sense of purpose.  Culture is hard to force to change because it emerges from the behaviours that people see demonstrated by their leaders.  It is the landscape that the people navigate when they are making decisions.

Climate, or social climate to give it it's full name, is 'how it feels to work around here'.  Climate is an accumulation of the 'weather' experienced in every interaction people have. If the weather, or climate is bad then the landscape can be obscured are radically altered.

BakerFish concentrate on developing leaders so that they create a great climate within the organisation.  With a great climate it becomes easier to deliberately reshape culture, as the whole organisation can align behind the values.

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