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Improving businesses through behaviours, processes, and inclusivity.

BakerFish is an innovative, niche SME consultancy that optimises business processes, improves behaviours and creates inclusive working environments for organisations to achieve successful projects, engaged teams and innovative working environments. We are proudly partnered with large and medium-sized engineering and construction firms, contributing to their efficiency and agility in a volatile world.

What We Do
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BakerFish's business improvement looks at the design of processes and organisational structures and seeks efficiencies using a variety of methodologies chosen to deliver the greatest impact.

Team Meeting


These improvements are coupled with a behavioural consultancy approach where the individuals, their personalities, management styles and interactions are reviewed to improve behaviours and enhance results

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Delivering Genuine Inclusivity

The final area is to create workplaces that are not just diverse, but genuinely inclusive. Working with whole teams to help them understand the benefits a diverse and inclusive workforce brings for innovation and creativity

Real Managers
Real People

'Real Managers, Real People' is the foundation for learning around an approach which we have dubbed 'Leanclusion'. 

It is a series of interconnected modules (online, and in person) that will help organisations finally reap the benefits of years of investment in quality-based approaches, such as Lean.

It's finally time to reveal the whole map...

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