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Be a Leader

There is irrefutable evidence that a leader's behaviours are the single biggest influencer of performance. This can trace its roots back to Valerius Maximus in about 30 AD (30 CE). The big change came from work by Kurt Lewin in the 1930's, combined with research from Ohio State University in the 1940's. This was honed to a sharp and effective tool by the international chemical conglomerate ICI in the 1980's.

A leader's behaviours, and to some extent their leadership competency, are the single biggest influence on the Social Climate, which is the primary indicator of discretionary effort. The better the Climate, the more effort the team puts in, the better the results; whatever you measure.

The leader's behaviours are assessed using a 360° feedback tool, from subordinates, peers and superiors. Based on the results a unique, personal development plan is created with the leader supported by a mentor/trainer over a typical initial period of six to nine months with monthly review sessions.

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