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Real Managers
Real People

A series of interconnected modules that help organisations finally reap the benefits of years of investment in quality-based approaches, such as Lean.

It's finally time to reveal the whole map...


Brought to you by our own amazing team here at BakerFish

We believe everyone improves as a manager if they truly understand equality & diversity AND believe in its power to create a successful team. Our overnight retreat will take you through how to achieve this, delivered by an experienced and diverse team.



I thought it was totally different to any other course I have done and really enjoyed it!

"I think Cass did an amazing job, I left hungry wanting to learn more. She showed extreme passion, determination and hard work.

Something special happens to your brain when you do 2 consecutive days in a very different setting to your normal work routine.

It was activity orientated and presented in such a way that got you thinking outside the box."

Senior Manager, AECOM

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