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WASPS - Do we misunderstand "other systems"

Most people get in a tizzy when they see a wasp, be it at a picnic or otherwise. We've been conditioned to think of them as horrible, terrifying insects. On the whole, we have got the wrong end of the stick. If you're in doubt read the article in the link below.

If we can misunderstand something as simple and fundamental to our survival as the wasp; how much more likely is it that we misunderstand the function and behaviours of another human being? People with different experiences or even trauma? What about neurodiverse people? What about all the other essential biases we carry to speed up our survival in 'threatening environments"? This could easily be a commentary about almost of the "-isms" that hinder humanities progress.

So what's the "call to action"? Stop and think; really think, not the cursory stuff but the deep, challenging stuff. Yep, that simple. We all get soaked up in our own limbic train and we don't stop and think. We should do it more often, we might get a shock of the pleasant kind!

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