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Confelicity - she's prone to schadenfreude

Let's face it; Felicity sounds like the kind of lady that needs to be conned, because she enjoys watching other people suffer.

No, calm down, that's just a piece of sensationalist headline, click bait, you know the stuff.

We are all familiar with schadenfreude; and if we're honest we all like to watch other people suffer a little bit. It makes us feel a little less incompetent. What? Be honest. We all like those terrible "candid camera", "you've been framed", hidden camera, my friend/parent just happened to be videoing where someone has a slight mishap.

One of the hardest steps in the servant-leadership journey is to feel confelicity; joy in the happiness of another. It is not something we seem to encourage in the broader Western culture. There is probably a thousand reasons why; many rooted in the diminishing proximity of our relationships.

Go out, do some confelicity, even with people you don't know. You'll probably feel better and we can pick it all up when we have a look at various "happiness equations" and our need to connect help other people. I'm going to feel confelicity about you reading this......

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