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Real Managers, Real People

What is this all about?

At BakerFish we're dedicated to making work better for everybody, and that's why we're developing an innovative new retreat-based course for anyone who manages people in their job. We've named it Real Managers, Real People

Why we need our trusted friends to be involved

Our co-creators will be an essential part of the development of the course from its prototype stage.

As a participant in the pilot you will be part of a group of early-adopters and will have a lot to take back to your workplace. The learning outcomes will help you build a culture of emotional safety for everyone, understand and have new insight into the behaviours behind conflict or disengagement, and improve the performance and resilience of your team.

We will learn from delivering the course in a true setting with people who reflect our target group, and take away your genuine opinions and constructive criticism to help us improve the course.

This step in the process is crucial for us to be able to reflect critically on the assumptions we have made so far, and how our expectations hold up in real life.

A bit about the process

- We got in touch with you, and the friends, colleagues, and peers we hope will want the opportunity to be active co-creators of a pioneering Equality, Diversity and Inclusion project.

- Once we've got your RSVP information we will send out a full invite, which will include a few straightforward questions for you to answer. 

- We will use your answers to ensure we have  a pilot group with a balanced spread of individual perspectives. 

- For co-creators participating in the pilot there is a fee of £300, which will cover food and accommodation, and help keep the project on track. 

Let us know if you can come!

Please respond by 12th July

I would like to attend and am available 11th and 12th October 2022 including overnight
If no, please let us know why (this will give us useful feedback)
Thanks for submitting!

All the evidence on workplace engagement and wellbeing tells us that a radical step forward is needed - for happiness and performance. With this work we want to meet the challenge with a giant leap in what EDI can achieve. Be there with us at the beginning...

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